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Fortnite x Spider-Man: Everything We Know So Far

Rumors of a Fortnite collaboration with Spider-Man have been popular since Season 4 of Chapter 2 when the Spider-Man icon was used for some legacy achievements. Since Season 4 was a Marvel theme, a Spider-Man outfit was expected to arrive at the item shop before the end, but as of Season 8, this is not yet the case.

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Many of Fortnite’s collaborations are slated for a major release for the character, and with the movie “Spider-Man: No Way Home” going to theaters on December 17th, fans are predicting a collaboration could come very soon. Fortnite season 8 is currently slated to end on December 5th, which will allow Spider-Man to even be part of the next Battle Pass.

Loud yummy HYPEX‘Fortnite is currently working on a new item that is codenamed on the swing mechanics’West sausage‘. The code name theoretically means’Web slinger‘which makes sense because it follows Fortnite’s system for code names.

Leaked text for the upcoming Web Slinger article:

  • Swing mounting position
  • Swing detach time
  • Swing
  • Swing acceleration
  • Swing jump

HYPEX also revealed that players using the Web Slinger item can attach themselves to vehicles and slide behind them when in motion.

We’ll keep you updated on this new Fortnite collaboration that will be the biggest yet.

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