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Fall Guys Crossover with Fortnite on the move, claim data miners

Fall guys‘After a meteoric start, a solid player base has built up. However, according to data miners, there is massive collaboration going on that could bring many returning players back into the game.

Corresponding Fourteen days Yummy FNLeaks, Fall guys is ready to cooperate with Fourteen days in a future update that brings a lot of content from the battle royale sensation to the bean-based platform game in elimination style. However, this isn’t the first time data miners have hinted at a crossover between the two, as data miners instigated a collaboration between the two titles in February.

The leaker claims that new outfits will appear in it Fall guys Content system including the signature Loot Llama, Cuddle Team Leader, Peely, Bunny Brawler, Rippley and loads of the like Fourteen days– thematic nameplates.

With names like Battle Bus, Loot Llama, Slurp, and Cuddle Team Leader, there’s not much room for misinterpretation of these items. When they are really added to the game, it seems one Fourteen days The transition is imminent. However, nothing has been officially confirmed so far.

Data mining information reflects the content of the game files and may include discarded content that may not make it into the final version. This was the case with the previous collaboration between the two franchises that can be found in the game files, although its reappearance could mean that the crossover is finally making the breakthrough.

However, neither Epic Games nor Mediatonic have officially announced the collaboration and fans should wait for official confirmation.

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