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Best Crescent Moon Game Releases For Android 2021 – Morphite, Swordshot, Shadow Blade, and More

In the latest of our long, hard glances at the back catalogs of some of the biggest publishers and developers on the Play Store, we’ll be staring at Crescent Moon Games.

It’s fair to say that Crescent Moon has a diverse range of choices, from massive fantasy adventures to hardcore platformers and addicting shooters. That’s why we’ve tried to pick something for everyone on this list.

If you have your own favorite that we haven’t included here, please let us know in the comments section below. Oh, and you can click the names of the games to download them from the Play Store. Sweet.

Here you explore and catalog the universe. It’s a bit like a more focused No Man’s Sky. There is so much to see and do, it looks amazing and you will lose hours of your life with it as it rams its claws into you.

A bizarre and compelling platformer in which you explore a pixel art world and then question everything you know about religion. You can also shoot fire from your antlers. There is a lot to love here.

What happens when you cross Zelda while fishing? We imagine something like Legend of the Skyfish. Instead of waving a sword, waving a fishing rod, sharpening things, hitting monsters and having a lot of fun.

A bright and hectic hardcore platformer in which you try to save a bunch of eggs while everything tries to kill you. It’s nervous in some great ways and will bring a frustrated smile to your face.

A monochrome shooter that is essentially a series of random boss fights that get harder and harder until they’re really, really tough. It’s super fun and will leave you gritting your teeth to dust. In a good way.

A hacky dungeon crawler full of loot, traps and monsters. It captures the retro thrust of the genre but still manages to layer a lot of modern ideas. Well worth a visit if you’re having fun underground.

If you like Diablo or any type of action RPG then you will definitely enjoy this one. It’s spectacularly gory and you have to learn a number of combos if you are to be successful.

A sharp and fun ninja platformer that combines split second jumps and razor sharp combat. It has a decent challenge and can be damn addicting too.

A sloppy, slippery platformer in which you try to escape a whole load of gloopy goop. You have to be quick and precise, and everything you do always has a dangerous advantage.

A chic and stylish platform game in which you jump through a decaying world collecting special cubes of data to keep a supercomputer alive. It looks beautiful and its simple controls belies a hardcore heart.

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