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Save your love in Cozy & Queer Platformer: The Gardener and the Wild Vines


  • Cut flowers and grow magical vines to climb dangerous towers in this healthy, narrative platform game.
  • The story prominently shows a gay romance and bizarre, but relatable supporting characters.
  • Get the game today and enjoy the silky smooth platform mechanics!

Grab your scissors and get ready to prune some flowers in the name of love, because The gardener and the wild vines is available today for Xbox One! Build the platforms yourself in this unique variant of platform building while you try to outsmart the evil mage and save the kidnapped prince. The game also features a light-hearted storyline with witty dialogues that will lower your vigilance before delivering the biggest twists and turns.

The narrative at the heart of this game is about self-love and identity and is very personal to me. As an immigrant to the United States and someone who has dealt with my sense of identity in many ways, I’ve always wanted to explore such topics in a game. The protagonist in this game is gay and dark-skinned; he’s the kind of character I would have liked to see in the games I played as a kid. In Gardener, we wanted to tell a story with a form of presentation that would bring joy to the players.

Castle tower

The story isn’t the only part of the game that you will enjoy; The gameplay is designed to put you in a calming, flow state. On the surface, this is a simple game where you’ll jump from leaf to leaf and then attack flowers with a magical shot that will bring out more leaves and propel you up. Dive a little deeper into the game and you will find an incredible variety of game mechanics with new obstacles in each level. Unlike a lot of platformers released these days, we wanted this game to be relatively easy to learn and complete, but still offer rewards for those able to achieve higher levels of gaming skill. If you’re a completer, find the hidden lovebirds on each tower or earn three stars on each challenge level! If you’re just here for the story, you can turn on assist mode if you get stuck on a level.


The gardener and the wild vines is an affair of the heart and I hope that playing this game brings you as much comfort and pleasure as it brought me in developing it. The gardener and the wild vines is now available on Xbox!

The gardener and the wild vines

XBox Live

The gardener and the wild vines

Finite Reflection Studios


$ 9.99

Attack to make the jump and hit for flowers growing on the vines to move upwards. Chain them together for quick walk, but be careful of your step! Each level is a handcrafted tower with new mechanics introduced on a regular basis. If you attack flowers, new procedural vines will grow with leaves to jump on. Gently balance the leap upward and watch the vines grow to plan your ascent. You need quick reflexes and even quicker wit to reach the top! Find the Prince Travel from tower to tower in search of the missing prince and defy unique environmental hazards in visually impressive and varied locations. Follow The Gardener and The Knight as they try to save the Prince in this fairy tale that explores love and all the pain and risks involved. Challenge yourself Do you have to prove your skills? The game doesn’t end after the story is completed … Take on levels in the challenge mode with tougher winning conditions and try to win 3 stars on each level!

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