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Shovel Knight Dig is delayed until 2022 because it takes a little more time

Shovel Knight Dig was postponed in 2022 because Yacht Club Games “need”[s] a little more time. “The good news is that the other Shovel Knight Spin-off title, Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon, has completed development and should be released this winter.

Shovel Knight has diversified since its first debut as a side-scrolling 2D platformer. Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon is a combination of falling block puzzle and dungeon crawling. Developed in collaboration with Vine, Pocket dungeon based on Puzzle Knight Deluxe and provides Puzzle Knight as a guide to help Shovel Knight escape the Pocket Dungeon. Accompanied by a nifty little gif, announced Yacht Club Pocket dungeon had completed development after three years and will roll over to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC this winter, although the release window is currently not more precise.

Part spin-off, part continuation, what is now belated Shovel Knight Dig shows Shovel Knight and his search for his treasure from Drill Knight and his Hexcavators crew. The Yacht Club also took the opportunity to unveil one of the Hexcavators that will make life difficult for Shovel Knight. Scrap Knight spends her days sifting through trash to find those special items, which she then stows in a huge sack that she carries on her back. Recently she was working underground through a huge pile of trash known as Magic Landfill. When confronting them there, you must be wary of the dangers hidden beneath the surface.

Shovel knight digging delayed

The game is just the latest in a long line of titles being moved from the original release window. The game is being developed in collaboration with Nitrome and the duo “takes a little more time than our originally planned release window”. This means Shovel Knight Dig will now be released sometime in 2022.

[Source: Yacht Club Games]

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