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eFootball 2022 v1.0.0 update postponed until spring 2022

The v1.0.0 update for the distressed eFootball 2022 has now been postponed and won’t be released next week. Instead, the patch won’t be released until spring 2022. This meant that all pre-orders for the Premium Player Pack, which contained items that could only be used after the update was released, were canceled.

eFootball 2022 V1.0.0 should add a team building mode where players could win players through the Match Pass system to create their own team. This team could then be deployed in online leagues that would have benefited from cross-platform matchmaking. These features would have the full introduction of. represents eFootball 2022, but will not appear until spring 2022. It is assumed that this will also delay the professional and amateur esports tournaments that begin this winter. Konami said:

We have been hard at work to distribute an update that brings new content to the game, including a new mode where you can step up and play with an original team, as well as support for mobile devices on November 11th, 2021. Unfortunately we have concluded that it would take more time to deliver the product with the quality that meets our users’ expectations and decided to postpone delivery.

Players who pre-ordered the Premium Player Pack will now find that their pre-orders have been canceled. Refunds are issued automatically. However, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 players will need to download again eFootball 2022 from the PlayStation Store to continue playing. Save files are not affected as game data is saved on the game’s servers, which means players keep their GPs, history of completed events and the results of online games. Konami may consider re-introducing the Premium Player Pack at a later date, “after the content has been reviewed.” Further details will be announced shortly.

The start of eFootball 2022 was anything but smooth. The game is riddled with bugs and other problems such as questionable player similarities, crowd NPCs from the “PS1 era”, cutscenes, jerky player movements, poor ball behavior and many other problems. It currently has an “Overwhelmingly Negative” rating on Steam and is reputedly one of the worst-rated games in Steam history. To smooth things over, the team released another update today, November 5th. eFootball 2022 andpdate v.0.9.1 fixes numerous bugs, and the full patch notes can be found below.

eFootball 2022 v0.9.1 patch notes


  • The application may crash due to an error.
  • Some players appear as a floating color in the pre-game cutscene or disappear altogether.
  • Some players may appear in the Select Strip menu that have a color.
  • The lighting in the Select Strip menu may not work as intended.
  • Background objects can appear blurry in the Select Team menu before the game.
  • Some objects may not appear during the pre-game cutscenes due to slow loading times.
  • The players’ arms interlock in an unnatural way during the national anthem scenes before and after the game.
  • Pitch grass is not shown in three dimensions during the pre-game cutscene.
  • Objects such as cameramen on the edge of the field can disappear during scoring scenes.
  • Some billboards around the field of play may display a faulty image.
  • Some elements, e.g. B. the cameraman model, can snap into stadium structures during the cutscenes.
  • Some commands will no longer work properly if the Physical Defending command is assigned to a button other than the original setting.
  • The transition performance (wipe animation) that should be displayed before a repetition may not display correctly.
  • The referee may appear trapped on the field surface during a game.
  • The wrong scene can be displayed for a moment when a game scene changes.
  • Players fail to catch low arc passes that come from a corner kick.
  • Players (other than the standard player) can run through the billboards and out of the field during a corner kick.
  • The standard player may grab the ball with his hands if he wants to kick it in a corner kick.
  • During a goal kick, the goalkeeper is shown kicking the ball in a position far from it. This is triggered if a position shift command was executed before the kick.
  • Some commands have no effect if entered simultaneously with a cursor change command during a match.
  • The player can completely miss the ball when attempting to shoot.
  • If the ball is being cleared into the goal as it is crossing the goal line, it can be mistakenly counted as not having arrived.
  • Some players can suddenly disappear during a game.
  • The player switch cutscene is sometimes displayed under the wrong conditions.
  • The referee and players can idle around before kick-off.
  • Reps will not be played if a quick restart results in an offside.
  • Playback cameras are sometimes unstable.
  • Faulty objects may appear on some gate celebrations. In particular, objects that are close to the camera (and should be invisible) will be displayed during the celebration.
  • Players can get caught in the goal net near the goal when celebrating a goal.
  • Some celebrations rarely appear as an option after the goal.
  • A flaw in facial animation can cause player expressions to appear unnatural.
  • When changing the camera via the pause menu, the preview jerks for a moment.
  • The referee’s long-sleeved strip may not appear during a game.
  • The player’s graphics may not display properly, making them look strange.
  • Visual defects, such as the ball floating in the air, can occur during reps after a goal is scored.
  • The playback that can be displayed in the pause menu may be too short so that a playback that occurred just before the pause cannot be verified.
  • When changing the camera or the player to be focused on during playback, some players break down for a moment.
  • Two or more balls can appear in play at the same time. One of the triggers for this is checking playback from the pause menu during a game.
  • Some players may be shown sliding on the floor during one replay. This movement is different from the actual movement that occurred during the game.
  • The remaining pause time may not be displayed when pausing an online game.
  • The pause menu does not open in the second half of the game.
  • After matchmaking for online matches, it takes a long time for the game settings screen to load.
  • It can take a long time to move to the next screen if a user disconnects immediately after matchmaking for an online match.
  • The pre-match map may not be displayed when playing an online match.
  • The wrong screen may appear momentarily when switching between menu screens.
  • The last 20 game results of all events are incorrectly displayed instead of the score list for a specific event.
  • A connection error message may appear when closing the dialog box indicating ongoing server maintenance.

PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4

  • The game commentary may not play during a game that is being played immediately after installation and in which only certain features are available.
  • Trophies can also be awarded if the conditions for their receipt are not met.
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