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Total War: Warhammer III will be released with Game Pass for PC on February 17, 2022


  • The epic strategy game Warhammer Fantasy, Total War: Warhammer III, will start the first day of Game Pass for PC on February 17, 2022.
  • Command massive armies and face demons and monsters from the Chaos Realms brought to life by Games Workshop and Creative Assembly.
  • Post-launch content includes additional add-ons and free updates.

Prepare for war! Total War: Warhammer III will bring his huge Warhammer Fantasy armies to Game Pass for PC on February 17, 2022, heralding the premiere of the first strategy title for Game Pass for PC, which was celebrated by Games Workshop as well as Creative Assembly, but also a conclusion to the exciting story that the series has marched to over the past five years. This will be hands down the greatest and greatest Total War: Warhammer game ever, with six factions, nine unique Legendary Lords, and endless replayability.

Total War: Warhammer III

Total War: Warhammer III brings an explosive conclusion with fan favorite factions like the snowy Kislev and the enigmatic Grand Cathay as they face the floods of demons and monsters from the Chaos Realms. As each faction leader strives to gain immortal power from the chest of a dying god, you must manage your empire, raise incredible armies, and use powerful magic and weapons to achieve victory on the battlefield.

Total War: Warhammer III

By far our greatest total war of all time, Total War: Warhammer III will feature more factions, a bigger map, more mechanics, a deeper storyline, major system overhauls, and brand new types of combat for you to put yourself into. Enter the Chaos Realms and fight gigantic survival battles against the infinite hordes of Chaos gods to find vital artifacts for your war effort. Embrace or fight the chaos with a variety of campaigns, each with a unique sandbox of possible outcomes.

Total War: Warhammer III

You can expect lots of additional add-ons and free updates, and even a few extra surprises to start off that we haven’t quite talked about yet …

Conquer your demons and the world in Total War: Warhammer III with Game Pass for PC on February 17, 2022.

Total War: WARHAMMER III + early adopter bonus

XBox Live

Total War: WARHAMMER III + early adopter bonus


Pre-order Total War: WARHAMMER III now and receive the Ogre Kingdoms Early Adopter Bonus DLC for free *. Far beyond the world and its small wars, there is a dimension of pure, malevolent magic: the realm of chaos. It is a terrible place that is incomprehensible to the mortal mind. It whispers promises of power, but to see it is to be seduced by it. Your soul to forego it. To become it. The four Ruinous Powers rule this place and always try to loosen their fetters and sink the world into a flood of demonic corruption. Nurgle, the plague god; Slaanesh, the lord of excess; Tzeentch, the path changer; and Khorne, the god of blood and slaughter. Two mighty kingdoms stand guard on the border between the worlds: the stern warriors of Kislev and the vast empire of Grand Cathay. But each is haunted by their own trials, and now both have reason to cross the threshold and send their armies into the realm of chaos. The world is on the brink. A single push will plunge it into disaster. And there is someone who intends to do just that, an old figure who desires nothing less than to exercise supreme power. But to be successful, he needs a champion … The impending conflict will devour everyone. Will you defeat your demons Or command them? Ogre Kingdoms Early Adopter Bonus The ogres have heard the cry: the ultimate prize – the ultimate meal – is within reach for those who have the courage to strike and grab it! Ogre Kingdoms DLC content includes: • Skrag the Slaughterer (Legendary Lord) • Greasus Goldtooth (Legendary Lord) • Tyrant (Lord) • Butcher (Lord) • Hunter (Hero) • Butcher (Hero) • Firebelly (Hero) • + 23 units * The Ogre Kingdoms Early Adopter bonus offer is available until February 24, 2022. After the offer expires, Ogre Kingdoms DLC will be available for purchase separately.

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