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Time travel tricks in Wanderer, coming to PS VR January 27th – PlayStation.Blog

We are very pleased to announce that you will be able to put on your time travel shoes on January 27, 2022. Get ready to step back (and forward) in time as you try to prevent civilization from collapsing.

Unite a generation through music. Enter the stage in 1969 and give the performance of a lifetime.

Wanderer is an epic PlayStation VR time travel adventure game that will take you back in time to recreate the course of history. As Asher Neumann you find yourself in an alternative, apocalyptic timeline in which the search for your grandfather’s lost apartment and the mysterious artifacts hidden therein begins.

With the announcement of our upcoming release and sales package (yes, you can hold walkers with real hands), we wanted to introduce a few new areas and mechanics that offer unique in-game challenges and discoveries.

Black holes

Time travel within Wanderer is anchored in the concept of black holes and singularities and uses them to manipulate time and space. Learn what it takes to manipulate the time to aid you in your quest to reset the clock.

Temporal transporter

The use of these black holes requires some management. Learn to operate and program the mysterious time transporter – the more you make progress and leaps in time, the closer you will get to understanding the transporter and, above all, its use.

The future looks a little gray

Playing against time can lead to multiple versions of the future. Do you see Boston 2061 in a new light, with a modern, futuristic environment packed with all modcons imaginable, or is this the nightmare you were warned about?


Your faithful companion through the game is Samuel the clock. In addition to being an integral part of your journey, Samuel is useful in many ways and you can upgrade your watch strap with items that you find during your adventures.

Immerse yourself in Wanderer in PS VR when it launches January 27, 2022.

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