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Petal Crash Review – A Thriving Good Game

There was a golden age of match-stuff puzzlers in the 90s when games like Puzzle Fighter showed us all that the genre was more than just clearing screens. Petal Crash is trying to capture something the grandeur of that era, and that does it damn well.

The game sees you pushing blocks around a grid. You can move them horizontally or vertically, and they will go until they hit something – be it a block or a wall. If they hit a block of the same color, they both explode. But there is also an additional level of procedure.

When blocks explode, they also send off any blocks they touch, so you can create awesome chains with lots of dots if you position things right. For the first few games, starting two-block matches may be enough, but you need to think further ahead if you are to succeed when things get tougher.

There are different modes here. Story mode lets you choose one of the seven characters and lead them through a series of battles with the others. You can also fight individual battles. Then there are a variety of Score Attack Modes as well as a Puzzle mode that is sure to stretch your gray matter.

The art style here is especially great, all of the chunky pixels and sprites and the colorful blocks are easy to spot. The controls can be a little fiddly at times, especially when you have high numbers, but it’s rare for them to ruin your plans.

There’s a decent challenge here, and you can tweak the settings in Story Mode to make things harder too. Petal Crash is a game where you put the work in and not only find out the mechanics, but how to use them to win.

If you are looking for another disposable bladder burst then Petal Crash is definitely not for you. If you are looking for a meaty, enigmatic experience made with care and love then it is well worth a visit.

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