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Nintendo publishes second quarter results for fiscal year 2021 – News

The pandemic is there and the pandemic is taking.

Nintendo released its second quarter sales results today at close of business in Japan, and a slow second quarter release still resulted in significant gains from the last non-pandemic year 2019 – although year-over-year comparisons are still unfavorable compared to 2020 . In addition, Nintendo has revised its projections in both directions.

All figures in yen: A rounded comparison based on an exchange rate of 114.181 yen to the US dollar is for clarity only.

Financial metrics

Revenue: ¥ 301.625 billion (~ $ 2.641 billion) – 2019 was 271.856 billion while 2020 was 411.48 billion

Operating Income: $ 100.207 billion (~ $ 877.7 million) – 2019 $ 66.794 billion, 2020 $ 146.697 billion

Ordinary income: ¥ 107,676 billion (~ US $ 943 million) – 2019 62,941 billion, 2020 147,167 billion

Digital revenue: $ 68.3 billion (~ $ 598 million) – $ 41 billion in 2019, $ 70.5 billion in 2020

Mobile / IP revenue: ¥ 12.4 billion (~ $ 108 million) – 2019 9.9 billion, 2020 13.5 billion

Hardware supplies

Switch and Switch Lite together for a total delivery of 3.83 million in the second quarter (split approximately 3: 1 in favor of the docked Switch) for a new LTD of 92.87 million systems. The Switch will overtake the Wii with shipments of more than 8.76 million units, which, subject to a catastrophic meltdown, will happen before the end of the fiscal year and likely before the end of the calendar year: the lowest Q3 (including Christmas and New Years) for Switch- Deliveries amounted to 7 million in the 2017 calendar

No estimate was given for the first deliveries of the Switch OLED.

Software deliveries

Nintendo had two initial releases in the quarter: The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD shipped 3.6 million units, while WarioWare: Get it Together barely cracked a million in its debut month.

As for the catalog titles, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe shipped 1.66 million copies and is now the best-selling Mario Kart game of all time in terms of sales (outperforms Mario Kart Wii). Animal Crossing New Horizons shipped 960,000 copies (34.85M LTD) ahead of its last major update and DLC, while Smash Bros. Ultimate added 940k (25.71M). Other milestones: The 790k from Pokemon Sword and Shield brought it to an LTD of 22.64 million.In addition, Ring Fit Adventure shipped 950,000 copies for an LTD of 12.21 million, which made it into the top 10 best-selling Switch- Title.

Other news

Due to concerns in the supply chain caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Nintendo has increased its switch shipments forecast by 1.5 million, but the company expects to sell almost all of the systems it manufactures as it expects its projected operating profit increased by 4% and the “ordinary profit” by 4.2% (citing an improved exchange rate against the euro against the Japanese yen).

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