Marvel's midnight suns
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The delays don’t stop now! In connection to Shovel Knight Dig, 2K and Firaxis Games have confirmed their tactical RPG Marvel’s midnight suns March 2022 no longer arrive.

Instead, it has now been postponed to the second half of the year. Whenever it arrives, it will be released on multiple platforms including the Nintendo Switch. The “hard choice” was made to ensure that this “dream project” could be the best game possible for the team when it gets released.

Below is the full update courtesy of the development team:

On behalf of Firaxis Games, thank you for sharing how excited you are Marvel’s midnight suns. We loved your reaction to everything from our announcement of the game to the reveal of our map-based tactical battle. Marvel’s midnight suns is a real dream project for the team and we cannot express what an honor it is to create something new in the Marvel Universe.

We decided to announce that we have made the very tough decision to move our release window to the second half of 2022. We know a lot of fans were looking forward to originally playing the game next spring and that decision was not an easy one. We decided to move our launch forward because we need more time to make this game the best possible game. We believe in our creative vision for Marvel’s midnight suns and want to do justice by delivering a memorable adventure in the supernatural side of Marvel. These extra months will be used to add more story, cinematics and general polish and will help us make our vision a reality.

Thank you for your understanding – you are the best fans in the world.

—Jake Solomon, Creative Director and Garth DeAngelis, Senior Franchise Producer

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