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Last Chance To Save Up To $ 190 On Pocket Gamer Connects Digital NEXT! | Pocket Gamer.biz

In just over a week, the highly anticipated mobile virtual gaming conference of the year will be in full swing. Today is your last chance to grab a fantastic discount with our mid-term ticket offer for the upcoming Pocket Gamer Connects Digital NEXT conference, which takes place Monday 15th November through Wednesday 17th November.

This conference features a wealth of insightful sessions, discussions, and panel discussions that explore what to expect next for the gaming industry in terms of new market potential, new technology, and more. Over 1,200 experts will be present and over 200 expert speakers will conduct the discussion. This fully virtual conference offers a wide range of networking opportunities and the opportunity to connect with a truly global audience representing more than 75 countries around the world.

Your ticket includes access to Beyond Games, a two-day virtual conference that takes place right after PG Connects Digital NEXT. Beyond Games will take us a step further into the future and discuss the new opportunities that lie ahead as the games industry meshes with other creative sectors such as film, music, sports, lifestyle and so much more.

There’s no better time to secure your spot, buy your ticket before midnight tonight and save up to $ 190. Read on to find out more about what to expect at these two digital events.

What’s going on at PGC Digital NEXT?

While there will be tons of incredible learning opportunities at the conference, we’ve rounded up just a few of the exciting talks you can look forward to at PG Connects Digital NEXT.

  • Fireside Chat: The Art of Cross Media Publishing with Dave Bradley, COO of Steel Media Ltd and Ben Smith, Head of Film, TV and Publishing at Rebellion
  • The change in the mobile landscape: what does this mean for you as a developer? with Miikka Luotio, Senior Manager of Business Development at Xsolla
  • Thanks for hacking us with Harry Cole, an independent communications expert
  • Hypercasual Games & Real Multiplayer, marriage comes true! with Mark Val, Head of Growth at Photon Engine

The full conference schedule and the list of experts present can be found on the official conference website here.

BONUS: What you can look forward to at Beyond Games

Some additional talks available to access at the forward-thinking Beyond Games conference will include exciting new developments in the much-discussed technologies of Metaverse and NFTs / Crypto. To take a closer look at what these conversations entail, here are some session titles to look forward to exclusively at Beyond Games:

  • Panel: Why is everyone participating in the Metaverse and what does that mean for you? with Benjamin Bertram Goldman from Ethic, Timmu Toke from Wolf3D, Russ Harding from Maze Theory, Dirk Lueth from Uplandme, Brian Baglow from Steel Media Ltd, Bruce Grove from Polystream
  • Beyond the hype: what potential does NFT technology have to transform entertainment? with Sam Watts, Make Real Immersive Partnerships Director
  • Creative writers enable interactive stories #NoCode with Andrew Oliver, co-founder of Panivox
  • Panel: Beyond the hype: what potential does NFT technology have to transform entertainment? with Louis Castle from GreenPark Sports, Daniella Loftus from This Outfit Does Not Exist, Randy Saaf from Lucid Sight, Aaron Pulkka from the Academy of International Extended Reality and Roberto Vieira from Virtually Human

Visit the Beyond Games website for the full schedule and to find out who will be hosting the lectures.

Buy your ticket before midnight tonight

Secure your seat at the best price; Book your ticket before midnight tonight, save up to $ 190 and get a wealth of networking and learning opportunities at one discounted price.

Remember, we offer discounts specifically for indie developers, students, and job seekers through application forms (click the links provided to access them).

We look forward to your visit on November 15th.


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