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Video games are stuck in developing hell: part 3

System Shock 3 is a game that many have screamed and asked about for years. No wonder, because its predecessor System Shock 2 is one of the most important science fiction games of all time. System Shock 3 was expected sometime after System Shock 2, but it never came out of it. Instead, we got BioShock.

Nightdive Studios who later participated in a massive Kickstarter fundraiser for a Remaster of the first System Shock, bought the rights to the franchise from Star Insurance in 2015.

Then, later that year, Otherside Entertainment (founded by Paul Neurath, the creative director of Looking Glass Studios, the studio that originally developed the System Shock series) announced that it was developing System Shock 3. Wait, how is that possible? Didn’t Nightdive Studios own the rights to the franchise? Well it turns out Nightdive Studios simply gave Otherside Entertainment permission to do the Threequel.

Two years went by in almost a word, and then in March 2017 Starbreeze Studios announced that it had signed a publishing contract with Otherside Entertainment to bring System Shock 3 to PC and other platforms. Two more years passed, mostly with no information on System Shock 3, but in 2019 we got one Teaser with the evil KI SHODAN.

This teaser was the last we heard about System Shock 3. Is it canceled? Nothing seems to suggest it. Is it stuck in development hell? Considering we haven’t heard a word about it in over two years, pretty much sure. Will it make it? Who knows, but Nightdive Studios seems committed to making System Shock a mainstream franchise, especially if that is Live-action television series “System Shock” it does is an indication.

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