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The packed schedule for PG Connects Digital NEXT is now LIVE! | Pocket Gamer.biz

The full meeting schedule for our next highly anticipated digital conference, Pocket Gamer Connects Digital NEXT, has been announced.

The schedule outlines all of the content and thematic tracks you can expect to see throughout the week, and names the numerous leading experts you can learn from.

Plus, you can see an exciting line-up for Beyond Games, happening later in the week, aimed at exploring the future of interactive entertainment and at the intersection between games and other creative industries like fashion, music, film, media, and more immerse yourself.

PG Connects Digital NEXT takes place from Monday 15th November to Wednesday 17th November and will be completely virtual.

It contains plenty of insight into the education market and a wide variety of networking opportunities that you would expect at a typical PG Connects conference, with a new focus on the future of the gaming industry to explore new markets, new technologies, and new opportunities. Secure your spot today and save up to $ 190 with our midterm ticket offer before prices rise at midnight tomorrow.

Read on to find out more about what to expect at the conference.

Schedule overview

Below is the full overview of what you can look forward to at both conferences.

Some of the sessions to look forward to at PCG Connects Digital NEXT include:

  • Mobile gaming in the Middle East and North Africa: insider tips with Nour Khrais, founder and CEO of Maysalward
  • Hypercasual Games & Real Multiplayer, marriage comes true! with Mark Val, Head of Growth at Photon Engine
  • Keeping Remote Contact: How Smaller Teams Can Deliver Multiplayer Experiences With Tadej Gregorcic, Coherence Co-Founder and CTO
  • GamesForest.Club: How the games industry will have a major impact on saving the planet with Georg Broxtermann, President & Co-Founder of GameInfluencer

For a more detailed view with meeting titles and speakers, access the full conference schedule breakdown here.

Into the metaverse

With Facebook only recently announced its shift to focus on all things metaverse, including a name change, there’s no better time to explore what this could mean for the future of gaming as well. Those interested in learning more about the next frontier and how to start incorporating it into their own projects should be no further than the upcoming Beyond Games conference, which will be held right after PG Connects Digital NEXT November 18-19 takes place.

The two-day conference described in the above schedule goes well beyond the traditional mobile gaming space and addresses the intersection of gaming and other entertainment sectors such as film, music, lifestyle, blockchain, influencers and much more. PG Connects Digital NEXT will also have exclusive access to Beyond Games!

We’ve rounded up some of the most anticipated talks on the Metaverse and more to look forward to at this conference:

  • The Metaverse: Why Now? Where it came from, how we define it and how it reflects the current dystopian climate with Bushra Burge, founder and creative director of Bushra Burge Studio
  • Avatars & self-expression in the metaverse with Teddy Pahagbia, Chief Executive Druid of BLVCK PiXEL
  • The ‘STORYVERSE’ – Maze Theory’s approach to playing in the Metaverse, with Russ Harding, Studio Director of Maze Theory
  • Cryptoculture in Currency, Fashion, Art and Gaming with John Higgins, CEO of OS Studios

A full list of speakers and meeting information can be found here.

Buy your tickets now

Are you ready to invest in your career, your company and your future? You can buy your ticket to both conferences up here and save up to $ 190 if you book before prices rise at midnight tomorrow.

We also have special discounts for indie developers, students and job seekers via application forms (click the links provided to access them).

We look forward to seeing you there!


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