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Memories in the Night (Nintendo Switch)

Reminiscence in the Night is a somber visual novel, luckily with welcome choices. It’s actually more of a visual short story. It’s not a long title, and the narrative often consists of individual sentences. It works? In some ways, but overall the execution is mediocre.

You play a thought-provoking premise as someone who has lost their memory. You wake up in a two-room apartment consisting of your living room and bedroom. Since most of the artwork is confined to this area, one would think a bathroom and kitchen would have been included. At least the music seems to harmonize with what’s going on in the story, so I’d say that’s an aesthetic hit. Ambiguous at the beginning, increasing in intensity as you learn, but always melancholy.

On paper, thanks to the extensive second-person perspective, you should connect with the lead you can name. But there are missed opportunities to develop background or side stories. While I can’t say the writing is bad, it’s cryptic in ways that don’t turn out to be beneficial. While the developers are puzzling, this comes at the expense of my being taken out of the story.

Part of this could be due to the brevity of the title. In theory, this could have added appeal, as you don’t have to be a bookworm to appreciate Reminiscence in the Night. But the mature references actually make this approach narrower in my estimation. The traumatic writing (which I won’t spoil) took more time in the stove. Don’t let the E10 + rating fool you. This game certainly has some strong content. Anger, crying and sadness are mentioned in the intro alone, even before the first visuals are shown.

At least this brevity means that tempo problems are avoided; this title moves in a good clip. And multiple selections lead to numerous endings. I was disappointed with the first ending I got; poorly written, obviously with little thought. But others answered some (but not all) of my questions. So in summary, I’m happy with the many ends, even if they are uneven.

Repetitions fall into a pattern, although Reminiscence in the Night can’t really be called repetitive because it’s so brief. It feels undeveloped with its plot themes and tries to tackle serious issues that deserve more time than is given here. But while it’s not very memorable, it won’t be a frivolous story either. If you can accept the true potential for unsolved problems, you will likely have questions about what something is. However, I’m not sure it gives you enough detail to make a really sound interpretation.

I have a couple of ideas that I think would benefit future visual novels by this developer. While their MO doesn’t call for comedy, a little bit of black humor could work in context and lighten the mood to some extent. Plus, more characters (with even limited vocals) would be an advantage, which adds some gravitas.

To be more specific, in this title you have an invisible mom that you chat with on the phone. But your limited exchanges make them feel insignificant. The focus is more on Sophia, a childhood friend. But she’s just there and feels underdeveloped, like many of Reminiscence in the Night. The romantic element, which most UN developers cannot resist, feels clichéd.

Reminiscence in the Night doesn’t offer much to keep you occupied, albeit at a modest price of $ 4.99. Choices that lead to different endings have a certain appeal, but certain aspects of the script are seriously lacking. There is also little balance between being cryptic and providing clarity. This version leaves questions, but feels more rudimentary than challenging.

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