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Video games are stuck in developing hell: part 1

Pikmin is a special franchise for many people, but despite its niche popularity, it has never reached the height of other Nintendo franchises. In total, the franchise has only sold about 8 million copies. However, Pikmin 3 Deluxe proved that the franchise still contained some (fruit) juice by selling around 2 million units in less than a year – a quarter of the series’ total sales – and fans have speculated that their financial performance could determine the future of the series and the development of Pikmin 4.

Pikmin 4 was mentioned by series creator Shigeru Miyamoto in 2015 when he shared it Eurogamer that it is in development and “very close to completion”. Time passed and then Hey! Pikmin, a 2D Pikmin spin-off, was announced and released in July 2017, and some speculated that this was the Pikmin 4 that Miyamoto was referring to back in 2015.

Well, this is certainly a possibility, especially considering we haven’t heard a sound about Pikmin 4 since 2017, but as of June of this year, Miyamoto said Eurogamer that “it is progressing”.

If Hey! Pikmin was Pikmin 4, it would be strange to say that Pikmin 4 was just a month before Hey! Pikmin beat 3DS. Typically, when a game is supposed to come out in a month, developers don’t say “things are moving” when referring to development in the last month; the game has probably gone gold and will be further optimized and bugfixed.

However, this was the last time Nintendo or anyone there referred to Pikmin 4, so you can imagine where it is today. We hope that the 2 million Pikmin 3 Deluxe units sold send a clear message to Nintendo that fans are ready for the sequel.

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