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Rise to War ‘- Get to know the ten factions – TouchArcade

The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War Not only does it faithfully reproduce Middle-earth from the insanely popular fantasy franchise, it also brings all of the fan-favorite characters to life in an engaging mobile strategy game. The impressive accuracy of the elements from Tolkien’s creation also shines in the various factions that players can choose from at the start of the game, depending on the style of play and tactical advantages for each group.

Your faction determines your position on the map, your starting commanders, and the troop and unit buffs your army will have over the course of the game. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing your site.

The good factions

With its open plains and skilled horse lords, Rohan is home to franchise favorite Éowyn. The kingdom is known for the Rohirrim who patrol the mountains, and its capital, Edoras, is ruled by King Théoden.

The special ability of this faction is Forth Eorlingas, which increases the marching speed of your army by 3% and gives you a quick advantage in battle. Players who select this faction can also use the Marshal special unit.

Gondor is Sindarin for “land of stone”, which is also the name of the special ability of this faction. Here players can gain an advantage when building, as the building time is reduced by 5%. The swan knight is the specialty of this faction unit.

The capital of Gondor is Minas Tirith and its symbol is the White Tree. The multi-story city was actually the last line of defense of the former capital, Osgiliath. When Osgiliath fell, Minas Tirith became the new capital because it was “a strong citadel … and not intended to be conquered by a host of enemies (The Return of the King, Book Five, Chapter 1)”.

Arnor, a sister kingdom of Gondor, is also ruled by a common High King, with Annúminas as the former capital. Eventually the northern kingdom moved the capital to Fornost Erain, and Annúminas was now abandoned.

Arbor’s special ability is Land of Kings – a fitting name given that his special unit is the Ranger of the North. The faction’s special ability reduces building costs by 5% and gives players a welcome boost in fortifying their settlements.

The Kingdom of the Elves spans three regions on either side of the Misty Mountains. The capital is Caras Galadhon, nestled in the mallorn trees of the forest of Lórien. Galadriel and Celeborn rule the Galadhrim here, protected by Galadriel’s magic from their ring of power.

Players who choose this faction can take advantage of the Elven Wisdom Skill, which gives commanders a useful EXP gain of 5%. The special unit is the Marchwarden and is an exciting choice for players who prefer elven armies.

Lindon, another elven territory, is home to the high elves. Its capital is the port city of The Gray Havens, which gives elves access to the Immortal Lands by boat. From here, Bilbo and Frodo sailed out at the end of their story.

The special skill of this faction is called Promised Land, which increases the harvest of wood and grain by 10%. The special unit type is the Ñoldor Longshot.

Players have many options for humans and orcs, but Erebor is the only faction that lets them use dwarves. Erebor is home to the working dwarves in the underground areas of Lonely Mountain near the Iron Hills. The dragon Smaug once besieged the kingdom here.

The faction’s special ability is called Sons of Durin. This shortens the drafting time by 5% and offers the players the Iron Warrior as a special type of unit.

The evil factions

A well-loved domain of Sauron, Mordor offers players a strategic geographic advantage as it is walled by the Ephel Dúath and Ered Lithui. The fires of Mount Doom are responsible for forging the One Ring, and its capital is Barad-dûr. “Then his gaze was finally captured: wall to wall, pinnacle to pinnacle, black, immeasurably strong, mountain made of iron, gate made of steel, tower made of adamant, he saw it: Barad-dûr, fortress of Sauron. All hope left him (Fellowship of the Ring, Book 2, Chapter 10). “

If you are looking for the ultimate villain big faction, Mordor is the way to go. The special ability Land of Darkness, together with a special unit Ravager, offers a refined increase in resource production by 5%.

Saruman rules the impenetrable tower of Orthanc in Isengard, which is also his capital. Orthanc was built by the Dúnedain in the Second Age and is under the protection of the sorcerer. This faction offers players the use of the stronger Uruk-hai orcs, as well as the Ring of Iron special ability, which reduces drafting costs by 10%. The special unit of the faction is the Snaga Thrak.

With its capital Kineland, Rhûn offers players access to the Easterling tribes of the eastern deserts and the shores of the Rhûn Sea. A hidden gem, this faction increases the damage dealt to non-player armies by 10% with their Eastern Travelers special ability. Players can also use the special War Chariot unit type here.

Ringwraiths, anyone? Sindarin for “Iron Home”. Angmar is ruled by the Witch King of Angmar and was founded in the Third Age. Its capital is Carn Dûm and was created to cripple the northern human kingdoms. The special ability “Stahlheim” of this faction increases the siege damage by 5% and offers players the chance to use the special unit Fallen.

The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War is available worldwide in the Google Play Store, App Store and Galaxy Store.

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