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Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands ‘Premium DLC’ is coming soon to Switch

Kingdom two crowns is a pretty good resource management / strategy game for Switch, and since its release in late 2018 there have been a few fun free updates to keep things fresh. The publisher Raw Fury has now confirmed that its first “Premium DLC” on November 16 with the title. will appear Nordic countries. Although the trailer doesn’t actually do that demonstrate the Switch logo, was confirmed in the press release and on social media that Switch is included in the update and DLC.

This DLC (which at the time of writing doesn’t have a price) will feature a new campaign and lots of content, according to the official pitch.

With Norse Lands, the award-winning world of Kingdom Two Crowns is growing enormously. A new sixth land to explore, pets to tame, and lots of gameplay updates, big and small. Some of the notable additions offered in this premium DLC include:

– Nordic rulers: Sit on mighty Nordic horses and exercise the power of the Nordic gods yourself. Rulers influenced by the Vikings offer players a whole new way to explore, build, defend and conquer the lands of ice and snow.
– Norse Citizen Jobs: Best illustrated by the mighty Berserker, an extraordinary warrior, the citizens of Norse Lands will defend their kingdom and defeat greed at all costs with shield in hand.
– All Citizens Defend: In keeping with the Nordic warrior culture, the citizens of Norse Lands stand ready to protect the empire from impending threats. Whether farmer, vanguard, farmer, archer or master builder, they will defend their country or try to go to Valhalla!
– The Rough North: With brand new weather effects, players will feel the beauty and relentless nature of the Nordic countries to the bone. And when the cold winter sets in, the rulers must carefully weigh their survival strategies.
– Greed: A whole new kind of greed to defend against …

November 16th will also bring a free patch for all players, the ‘Conquest’ update. These are changes based on user feedback:

There’s the new town house, which can be built on the ruins of a tramp camp, which gives you a supply of new townspeople – for the price of coins. The townspeople were given coaching to address some of their annoying habits. As a result, they are now better at their jobs. Refinements are also made in battle including the pace of enemy waves, unit balance, decay and these are just a few.

If you are a fan of Kingdom Two Crowns, let us know – are you tempted to grab the Norse Lands DLC?


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