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All Fortnite China Cosmetics that could be lost after shutting down the test

Epic Games has added a massive boss called Caretaker to Fortnite Season 8. How to find and defeat them to get insane loot.

Bosses are nothing new in Fortnite. In Chapter 2, Season 2, Fortnite introduced NPC bosses, each with their own special weapon. These weapons could only be obtained by defeating the boss.

However, mythical and exotic weapons have changed over the seasons. Now players can purchase exotic weapons from NPCs. And there aren’t very many mythical weapons. However, some bosses can still be found on the map.

But there has never been a boss like the caretaker. These new massive bosses drop a ton of loot but are not easy to defeat. Here’s everything you need to know about the Fortnite Season 8 Caretaker boss.

Fortnite Season 8 Caretaker

Where can I find the caretaker in Fortnite

At the start of each Fortnite round, three caretaker bosses appear. They do not spawn in POIs and usually wander through large open areas. However, they are not easy to spot.

This may seem strange given its size, but the caretaker’s bosses are almost entirely invisible. That is, until they are made aware of the presence of a player. Once that happens, the caretaker will suck in the players before making himself visible.

Players can also check their cards at the start of the round to see where the caretaker is. As soon as a player is close enough, he will hear the caretaker music. A faint pink / purple light can also be seen before the caretaker is visualized.

Fortnite Janitor Boss Attack

Defeat the caretaker

Caretakers are very powerful and have a wide range of attacks. However, they aren’t that difficult to remove. The Fortnite Caretaker has 10,000 health, but it also has a massive vulnerability. Aim at the glowing ledge on his chest for headshot damage.

It is also important to note that players can only damage a caretaker while in a side bubble. That means players won’t be able to build during combat, but builds would prove useless against the giant boss.

During the fight, players must watch out for the caretaker’s attacks. Janitors can shoot a beam from their chest that deals 8 damage per tick. If you get too close, they’ll perform a smash attack that will blow the player up. And the snap attack stuns the player and deals 20 damage.

If you keep moving during the fight against the caretaker, you should be able to avoid harm. Using a SCAR, minigun or the new Combat AR makes short work of the caretaker’s health bar.

fortnite janitor chief death

Janitor’s booty

After you’ve managed to defeat the beast, it’s time to claim your reward. When a Fortnite Janitor is defeated, he will drop five legendary weapons, an assortment of healing items, and a range of Cube Monster parts.

This ensures that even if you defeat the caretaker as a team, there will be enough loot. Just be careful, you will definitely need these healing items after a battle with the caretaker.

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