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Modern Warfare 2 will include a moral system and realism

A new leak, confirmed by trusted industry insiders, suggests that Infinity Ward’s rumors will be in 2022 call of Duty Title, Modern Warfare 2, will feature a moral system as well as highly realistic gore physics and weapon jamming. Described as “dark and relentless,” the game’s campaign mode is said to focus on the war on drugs. Special, Modern Warfare 2The main opponent will be the Colombian drug cartel.

The leak comes from Twitter users @RalphsValve. The user has listed some key details about the animations, campaign, and other game modes of the rumored game. In particular, wounded fighters do not die instantly, depending on the type of injury sustained. Instead, some may stay conscious and scream, try to put pressure on their wounds, and otherwise interact with the character in brutally realistic ways.

Below are some key takeaways from the leak:

  • Campaign mode is “grim and relentless,” and there are “no winners in this story” related to the war on drugs.
  • The moral compass system is described as being similar to Red Dead Redemption 2‘s honor system.
    • Certain decisions affect key moments within the campaign
  • High levels of realism specific to campaign mode, including:
    • Realistic blood. Depending on the caliber of the bullet, fighters may lose limbs but remain conscious, squirm, and scream.
    • Death animations. Fighters can beg for mercy, insult the player, call for their mother, experience convulsions, or hallucinate.
    • Visible reactions to moments of high intensity. The player character will have difficulty inserting magazines, and the voice will tremble when shouted in ambush sequences.
    • Animations for jamming weapons. The player’s weapons can jam, forcing them to consume a wasted bullet that can later be recovered.

The leak also revealed that the popular Spec Ops game mode will be replaced with something similar to Kojima’s abandoned horror demo PT Well-known industry insider Tom Henderson believes, however, that the rumored new game mode may simply be a specific mission or mechanism within the game’s campaign. Both Henderson and the gaming news agency Okami Games have confirmed the Leaker’s sources are legitimate.

Activision and Infinity Ward have not yet commented on the leaks and rumors call of Duty 2022.

[Source: VGC]

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