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What’s your favorite horror game?

If we have one thing in common, it is that we are afraid of something. If you now say, “I’m not afraid of anything”, well, come on, you know it is so some that makes your spine shake. For me it’s death and suffocating spaces. Oh, and Michael Myers too. Fortunately for me there are no games based on Halloween (although the famous slasher is a playable killer in the excellent asymmetrical multiplayer horror Dead by Daylight).

However, there are many games that will kill you. While you can die in most games, the ones that really highlight those deaths are the ones that make me shiver in my boots. Add a touch of claustrophobia to the formula and you have created my nightmare. My all-time favorite horror game is something that some might not necessarily consider a game in that genre, but it scares me nonetheless: BioShock.

For starters, I’m claustrophobic and Rapture is perhaps the most claustrophobic city in the game ever made (you know, the whole underwater thing is pretty suffocating). Then there is the sub-mechanophobia, the fear of mechanical objects under water. I blame Disney World for it – something about animatronics that moves underwater just drives me crazy. Oh, and the splicers are terrifying too, of course. BioShock doesn’t scare me too much these days as I’ve probably played it almost a dozen times, but if you haven’t played it before, go blind in and enjoy.

There are others who really get under my skin. The current Resident Evil 2 Remake makes it possible. Stuck in a terrifyingly hostile place? Check. Zombies who want to eat you? Check. Jump terrors galore? Check. Extremely graphic deaths? Check. Big threat, constantly following you? Check. There’s also this year’s Resident Evil Village. I’m not going to spoil it here, but the Beneviento section of it is downright disturbing. Then there’s Outlast 2, which is perhaps the most disturbing and terrifying game I’ve ever played. I don’t go to church but I felt like I had to do it after I finished.

Some other horror highlights in my story are PT, Resident Evil 7, Little Nightmares, Friday the 13th, The Hospital in The Last of Us Part 2, and Condemned: Criminal Origins (a game I played way too young).

What about you? What’s your favorite horror game? Are there any games that you are too scared for? What are your favorites Horror moments in otherwise non-horror games? Let us know in the comments below!

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