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Re: bounder Review – Not exactly a breakout release

There have been plenty of games over the past few years that have tried to give a new twist to classic arcade mechanics. Some of them have been more successful while others have fallen a little flat. Re: bounder fits somewhere between these two ends of the spectrum.

The game is a version of Breakout – there are blocks, there are balls and you have to smash the latter into the former to score points. However, instead of having a bat, there is a glowing line at the bottom of the screen.

When a ball approaches that line, you need to tap the screen to make it bounce back up. You have no control over the angle or the speed at which it flies away, you just have to keep it from disappearing. There is a twist, however.

If you tap when a ball is too far from the line it will turn red and you won’t be able to bounce back for a split second. If you get your timing wrong, there is a good chance that all of your balls will pass the line and you will lose.

There are power-up blocks that give you new and different types of balls, and every time you hit a ball back into play, it gets stronger. Get a perfect shot – when the ball is right on the line – and get even more XP. Drop all the blocks under the line and it’s game over too.

Things can get pretty hectic and pretty frustrating. Because the balls bounce randomly, they often miss the most obvious danger by smashing blocks at the top of the screen while one is closer to the line.

Re: bounder is a decent way to spend a few minutes, a snack in between that won’t fill you up, but doesn’t get you too excited either. It’s worth trying, but don’t expect it to stay on your homescreen for too long.

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