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PUBG owner Krafton takes over Subnautica Studio Unknown Worlds

Subnautica below zero
Image: Unknown Worlds

Krafton is a sizable holding company that includes a growing number of studios, with the original (and best known) being Bluehole – the studio behind it PUBG (The Battlefields of PlayerUnknown). Despite establishing Krafton about three years ago and dedicating significant funds, the official website is still bluehole.net.

Krafton is using some of its resources to expand its group of development studios and has now added Unknown Worlds to the mix. The studio is best known for being excellent Subnautica and Subnautica: Below zero, two titles that we enjoyed relatively recently in their superb switch ports.

Unknown Worlds “will act as an independent game development studio wholly owned and managed by KRAFTON. In the press release, Charlie Cleveland, CEO of Unknown Worlds, is quoted as follows.

It was immediately clear how closely Unknown Worlds and KRAFTON are aligned in our way of thinking about games and game development. Subnautica and PUBG both started modestly and grew successfully through constant iteration and feedback. We want to bring new games to the world stage – and with KRAFTON we have come a big step closer. We are very much looking forward to our future together.

The studio is also working on a “new genre-defining game” that will go into Early Access next year.

It’s been a busy year in terms of game studio acquisitions, so this is another entry to add to the list.

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