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Strategy Guide for the Time Management Game Collection – The Best Hints, Tips and Cheats

The Time Management Game Collection consists of six different time management games, but five of them are quite similar.

The exception is Julie’s Sweets, a conventional time management game in the form of titles like Diner Dash, Burger Shop 2 and Cook, Serve, Delicious !!

Before we dive into the other five games in the collection, let’s take a look at Julie’s Sweets.

Julie’s sweets

This game takes place in a number of locations starting with Julie’s family bakery.

Each stage begins with Julie waiting behind the counter for her first customer to arrive. Customers either go to the counter or sit down at one of the bakery’s tables and place their orders through speech bubbles with pictures of what they would like to eat and / or drink.

To place an order, all you have to do is tap an item and then tap the customer who ordered it. Julia will do the rest.

Except that certain elements are more complicated than others. While you can keep a brownie or green donut intact, if you run out of servings, you’ll need to fry and spread red donuts, pour drinks, and chop certain cakes, which increases the delivery time.

Table service is also a bit more complicated than takeout orders, not only because you have to carry the food to the table, but also because you have to clear away afterwards. Either type of transaction requires you to return to the counter to collect the customer’s money before they can leave.

Timing is everything. The longer a customer waits, the smaller your tip, and if you let them wait long enough, you can even lose their habit altogether when they storm out of your bakery.

On the other hand, you can collect bonus points by checking multiple customers at the same time, delivering entire orders at once instead of piece by piece, and serving customers in quick succession.

In addition, there is a special goal associated with each stage, such as walking 400 steps or serving all counter customers.

If you’re wondering why we didn’t recommend just loading your tray with tons of everything so you can serve your customers quickly, this isn’t an option. Your compartment only has five slots.

With each new level you unlock new dishes for serving and gradually increase the level of difficulty.

Caveman Tales, Kingdom Tales, Kingdom Tales 2, Country Tales, Fate of the Pharaoh

As we mentioned earlier, the other five games in the Time Management Game Collection follow exactly the same concept, so explaining how to play one of them naturally explains the others too.

Caveman Tales is a great all-rounder and one of the best looking games in the collection so we’re going to get into that.

Despite its urban look, Caveman Tales is a highly structured time management game that spans multiple phases, with each phase presenting you with a number of goals that you must achieve before moving on.

Goals include repairing bridges, collecting a certain amount of food or material, building a certain number of huts, and so on.

Each phase contains a number of sites to build on, connected by paths. Sometimes these paths are blocked by debris that you need to clear or by rivers that you need to build bridges over.

There are different types of buildings, including huts, farms, and workshops, that produce the game’s three main resources: gold (in the form of taxes), food, and materials.

Everything depends on everything else. You cannot collect gold without huts and food, you cannot make food without materials and a farm, you cannot build a farm without materials and gold, and so on.

To run a thriving settlement, you need to upgrade your citizens’ housing and feed them to keep their happiness levels high. This increases the gold you collect, and if your citizens become chronically unhappy – because they have no food, for example – you don’t earn any gold at all and your attempt will be halted.

Your workers gain XP during the game and at certain times you can promote them to make them more effective. Your current level is visible in the chief’s hut.

While new elements are introduced into Caveman Tales over and over again during the course of the campaign, the same rule always applies: spend your gold and materials wisely or you won’t get stuck. You can undo a bad decision by demolishing a building, but you won’t get its full value back so it doesn’t always help.

Caveman Tales plays like a puzzle game. Each stage has just the right number of construction sites and just the right amount of startup resources to encourage you to come up with a specific solution to what you need to build and when. You can’t just get it out on the street like that.

Let’s say you need to build three huts and upgrade them to two stars, collect 1800 gold and get 5 luck. If you try to achieve these goals by simply building as many smelters as you can and collecting all of the gold they produce, they will quickly stop producing gold as soon as your citizens get hungry.

By the time you realize that you are unlikely to complete the stage without a farm and workshop, you have already invested too much in shacks and run out of resources, which may mean the end of your attempt.

To stay one step ahead of the curve, it makes sense to review your goals, your starting resources, and any buildings that have already been built in your phase before you begin building.

Everything we’ve just written applies to Kingdom Tales, Kingdom Tales 2, Country Tales and Fate of the Pharaoh, and Caveman Tales. Only the names and storylines were changed.

The only other difference is that Kingdom Tales 2, Country Tales, and Caveman Tales all have three levels of difficulty.

These are Relaxed, Timeless, Normal, with a timer and rewards for completing a stage quickly, and Extreme, with a more challenging time limit and medals on offer if you can manage to stick to them.

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