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New World allegedly has a vulnerability that makes it possible to crash players via the text field

Amazon Game Studio’s first MMORPG, New World, got off to a successful start, but the honeymoon may come to an end as players discover some ridiculous flaws. Including one where players can paste HTML directly into the game’s general chat and crash the game for unsuspecting players.

As reported by YouTuber Josh Strife Hayes and currently a hot topic on the New World subreddit, it is an obvious bug in New World with the text chat. Usually there is text chat so players can communicate with each other, but apparently New World text chat has it so they can accept HTML code directly.

New World screenshots: November 2020

This has led to some pretty fun cases. People have used HTML to link oversized images to global chat so that everyone in the instance can see random images of sausages as they play.

However, HTML-savvy trolls can also send injecting images that are encoded to kick players out of the game when they hover over a specific word or image.

As Hayes reports, this is not the first time this problem has occurred in an MMORPG as World of Warcraft once had a similar bug. And it sounds like an easy-to-fix programming error, but it should never have happened.

When New World was finally released in September, it quickly became one of the most popular online games around. Gamers were so keen to try this new MMO that queues turned into hours of waiting, forcing Amazon to double its servers.

But over the weeks, more and more bugs were discovered, ranging from silly invulnerability cheeses to an actual currency crisis. This HTML bug is ultimately more of an inconvenience because while hovering over an image of a giant sausage that is causing your game to crash can be annoying, it doesn’t seem to pose a serious security or data risk to other players.

For more information on New World, check out IGN’s review or our virtual war report.

Matt TM Kim is IGN’s news editor. You can reach him @lawoffd.

Additional coverage from Kat Bailey.

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