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Fall For Indies: Darkest Dungeon 2 and October’s Scariest Titles

Neighborhoods begin a transformation from ordinary living quarters to terrifying festivals as we approach Halloween. Lawns fill with the decorative deceased and – unfortunately for people who are rightly afraid of spiders – oversized arachnids. And it seems like indies can’t resist the lure of the creepy vacation ahead either. A flashy section of indies coming out in the next few weeks has an especially scary side. The news could be even more dire, however, as one of the most anticipated releases in October recently fell victim to a delay.

A trick and a treat

Even the indie space has its juggernaut projects, and by the end of October it looked ripe for a massive harvest. But current events have mirrored the candy-collecting traditions of the season, giving players a trick and a treat.

Sun ash

PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC

Let’s start with the trick; Solar Ash – the second game from Heart Machine, the studio that made Hyper Light Drifter – has been postponed. It was originally supposed to be released in the last week of October, but fans will have to wait a little longer to play it. But do not despair; technically speaking, the game still has an autumn start date. Solar Ash is coming to PlayStation platforms and PC on December 2nd.

Darkest Dungeon 2


Get ready to enjoy the sweet, sweet treat of Darkest Dungeon 2 as it entered Epic’s Early Access on October 26th. The sequel continues the Lovecraft horror story with similar battles and a familiar band of adventurers, but plans to spice things up with a few changes. That includes a new character called Runaway, which you can read more about here.

It’s scary how many games we have to play

RIP our free time because there are just too many good indies to try. Last month’s hits are still calling our names, but that’s only half the reason for uncertainty. End of October has a number of scary looking titles ready to get you in the Halloween spirit.

In the pit

Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PC

Into the Pit got a great reveal at this year’s Xbox Gamescom showcase, and the retro-look Roguelite was just recently launched. If your cousin finds an ominous hole in the ground, there will be no thought of turning away or trying to cover it up. No. They both belong to a family of mystics and cannot miss the occult opportunities. Steeped in magic, this first-person title comes to Xbox Game Pass and looks like it’s ready to celebrate Halloween.



Immortal is a little on the nose for the scary season, but we won’t blame the game for that. This intriguing adventure title follows a mother who was bitten by a zombie in a world ravaged by the undead. With little time left, she must prepare her young son to survive in the world without her. On October 19th, Undying will come to Steam Early Access and task you with teaching them how to fight the hungry horde before joining the ranks of the zombies yourself.


Switch, pc

Don’t keep your mouth open when you see the gloriously creepy, hand-drawn art style of this game. Jars will be released on October 20th and is a mix of strategy, puzzle and tower defense game. The goal? To break as many fragile containers as you can find down in the basement. But you don’t want to just be destructive; No, destroying these jugs will save the world.



Read the stars and decide the fate of many in this story-driven title. Fortunately, you play as a fortune teller so you already have an idea of ​​how to interpret these tricky heavenly bodies. That doesn’t mean there is no room for error, so think carefully about your pronunciation. You can check out the announcement trailer here to decide if you should pick up Grotto when it launches on October 20th.

Gravewood high


Gravewood High enters Steam Early Access on October 20th. And let’s face it, high school is tough enough with no threat of mysterious disappearance looming, but the students at the oddly named school just can’t take a break. Especially since the building seems to have turned into a dangerous maze and a terrifying teacher is on the hunt for you.

Echo generation

Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PC

It’s time to grab your crew and patrol the neighborhood for aliens as Echo Generation hits Nostalgic Vibes on October 21 for PC and Xbox Game Pass. If you’re interested in playing a Stranger Things-like turn-based RPG, Echo Generation might be for you.

Ever tried

PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

Slated for October 21, Evertried is a tactical roguelike that is about climbing a tower in the afterlife. The isometric view and pixel graphics merge with the game’s turn-based battles, creating an experience that looks both challenging and easy on the eyes. Can you reach the top



With its colorful palette and unique style, this point-and-click adventure follows a robot on a mission to protect its space station from an impending danger. The team uses the term biopunk to describe the aesthetic mix of robotics and the organic in the game. Growbot launches October 21, and the title gives you the chance to ward off crystalline danger as you explore a vibrant alien world.

Tandem: A Story of Shadows

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

Tandem: A Tale of Shadows is a top-down, side-scrolling puzzle game with a curious premise. You switch between two protagonists who want to solve a mysterious disappearance. The turn? One is a young girl and the other is her teddy bear. But don’t let the cute-sounding tracks fool you – the game has a dark hue and is inspired by Tim Burton, Jules Verne, and Conan Doyle. Tandem: A Tale of Shadows is out on October 21st.

Subway midnight


Aggro Crab Games, the developer behind the wonderful roguelite Going Under, is releasing its first game. Developed by Bubby Darkstar, the cuteness of Subway Midnight makes it even more scary. The bizarre action takes place on a train full of ghosts. As you move from one car to the next, try to help them come to terms with their past life. However, someone is after you so go quick unless you want to join the dead when this game hits October 28th.

Campfire stories


Who is ready to tell scary stories around the campfire? The developer’s description for this game, due out October 28, builds a unique narrative. It says: “DO NOT PLAY! This 8-bit game is ported from a mysterious source … This casual, linear, interactive story game is about a campfire with old friends who … storytelling. ”So get Campfire Tales on your own Danger.

Are these annoying titles not for you? For more publications, see our previous Fall For Indies lists; Just click on the goose.

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