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Rappelz Online starts today on iOS and Android!

Rappelz On-line officially launched worldwide on iOS and Android Devices. The epic free-to-play MMORPG takes place in a unique medieval fantasy universe and invites players not only to explore its huge open world, but also to immerse themselves in challenging PvE and PvP content.

With a range of classes, races, and extensive customization options, the mobile version of the popular PC title is known for allowing players to hunt and capture almost any monster in the game world. From fairies and cerberus to sirens and angels, players are encouraged to tame pets to gain experience and use their skills.

Focused on gameplay and exploring with friends, Rappelz Online offers challenging dungeons, huge in-game events and unique PvP modes to test even the most experienced players.

Contrary to the industry trends in the mobile MMORPG area, Rappelz Online also takes a tough stance on pay-to-win models to ensure a level playing field for all, with no VIP systems that give players an edge over others. It’s time for a real MMO mobile experience.

Rappelz Online is free to play and can now be downloaded from Google play or the Appstore. Fans can follow too Rappelz Online on social media for the latest news and updates:

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