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Level 5 Amps Up for Mech-RPG Megaton Musashi, on Switch this November

Recall Megaton Musashi, the next big cross-media project from Level-5? It was announced as a 3DS game back in 2016, and its release should be supported by a number of anime, toy, and other media events – a process that Level-5 does pretty well with the Yo-Kai clock Series.

After a few years of silence – which is understandable when you consider the game has now jumped to Switch and PS4 – Megaton Musashi is back in the spotlight. We already know that the release in Japan is planned for November this year, and Level-5 is expanding the advertising campaign with a new commercial, which you can see above.

In a world where 90% of the world’s population has been wiped out, the game takes the form of a robot role-playing game. As planned in 2016, an anime series will support the game’s launch. In fact, the animated series started in early October and is accompanied by an internet anime spin-off called “After School”. There is also a collaboration with Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine and a merchandising partnership with toy giant Bandai.

While a physical version of the Switch game is slated for Japan, there’s no word about a Western release – which is the unfortunate consequence of Level-5’s withdrawal from the West.

In addition to the commercial above, Level-5 also posted a video outlining the story and showing some gameplay:

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