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The Side Hustles Of Saints Row

In my time playing Saints Row, the pre-release build had a couple of side hustles to handle. These missions are your more typical side quests that are scattered around the world. A hustle called “Riding Shotgun” began with a failed drug deal that resulted in me acting like a human tower on the roof of a moving car. While I’ve had experience jumping on car roofs for wingsuiting, Riding Shotgun gave me the right proof-of-concept for how I’ll spend most of the co-op missions: putting down fire from a dangerously fast vehicle while my friend breaks through the streets.

The other side hustle, Pony Express, was my first experience racing around town to reach the ultimate goal of delivering a package within a certain time. It’s fun to drive around town with lots of creative off road options that were perfect for the supercharged dune buggy that was made available to me. On one trip, I stayed on a flat waterway and then followed some train tracks, bypassing the busy streets and giving myself plenty of room to drive through the desert while injecting the engine with NOS. However, the more direct route through the streets of Santo Ileso requires more precision to get around other cars on the road and will most likely get you there faster if you do it well.

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