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Over 6 million people returned 4 blood samples in less than three weeks

Back 4 Blood appears to be a hit for Turtle Rock Studios as it has played over 6 million people since its release on October 12th.

Developed by some of the developers who created the Left 4 Dead franchise, which Back 4 Blood is very clearly inspired by, it entrusts players with cleaning up the Ridden, which are basically zombies. There are all different types of ridden to pick out in his numerous acts. It seems a lot of people enjoy being part of the Ridden cleaning crew as well.

Thank you for your hard work cleaners! With so many cleaning staff by our side, we will stop the ridden in no time.

Something tells us that Ridden will never stop, but that’s fine because that means we have to kill more Ridden in the game. Turtle Rock is likely excited about the news from 6 million gamers, especially considering that its 2015 game Evolve is its Server shut down in just three years. Take into account that Evolve had around 234 concurrent users on PC before it became free to play in 2016 (that resulted in 1 million playing the asynchronous multiplayer title) and Back 4 Blood screams for success.

Back 4 Blood’s success with 6 million players is likely related to the release of Xbox Game Pass. For basically $ 10 anyone with an Xbox console could jump on it.

For more information on Back 4 Blood, see our thoughts on it in Game Informer Previous 4 blood test and then listen or watch us chat more about it in Episode 573 of The Game Informer Show.

Are you one of the 6 million who have played Back 4 Blood? Let us know what you think of this in the comments below!

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