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Fortnite: how to get the Crew Pack bonus styles for September, October and November

The Fortnite Crew Pack skins for September, October, and November are a trio of Midas’ agents, and they all have a secret bonus style.

Midas found a way to stay relevant throughout most of Fortnite Chapter 2. It made its debut in Chapter 2, Season 2 and has been hugely popular ever since. Epic Games even posted multiple interactions of his skin.

However, the handsome golden boy has come with his fair share of lore. This lore was even extended to the first three agents to join Midas’s cause. These skins were distributed to Crew Pack members in September, October and November 2021.

The three agents are referred to as Midas’ First Executor, First Redeemer, and First Pardon. They each come with their own items, but players can also unlock their secret bonus styles.

Fortnite Crew Pack Skins revealed

Unlock Crew Pack Bonus Styles

The Fortnite Crew Pack is a monthly subscription service that offers players exclusive skins. This means that if you don’t take out a subscription during a month, you’ll be missing out on this month’s cosmetics forever.

This is important to note as players will unlock the Fortnite Crew Pack bonus styles in September, October, and November. To unlock them, players must own all three skins. When a player has all three skins in their locker, they will automatically unlock the bonus styles.

Here are the three skins you will need to unlock the bonus styles:

  • Burning Wolf Skin – Subscribe to Fortnite Crew in September 2021
  • Choas Origin Skin – Subscribe to Fortnite Crew in October 2021
  • Sierra skin – Subscribe to Fortnite Crew in November 2021

Unfortunately, this means that if you miss a month, you will not be able to redeem the bonus style. These Fortnite Crew bonus styles are prestigious cosmetics that players are likely to wear to bend other players. The base skins aren’t the most popular right now, however.

For more information on Fortnite, see how to get the new Mythic Icy Grappler weapon and stay tuned for more news and guides.

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