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Bugsnax is getting an oversized expansion next year

The charming and bizarre Bugsnax is getting a big free expansion. The Isle of Bigsnax takes players to a new location teeming with newly discovered, oversized creatures.

The expansion follows the main crew from Grumpuses to a hidden island inhabited by prehistoric Bugsnax. These delicious creatures are huge and present a new jumbo-sized challenge for players to catch. If collecting a ton of new Bugsnax wasn’t enough, now is the time to put hats on them to make them just a little more adorable. Back in town, the player’s unfinished hut is finally completed, which you can decorate with a catalog of furniture, wallpaper, and other items. Take a look at the trailer for a look at the upcoming Snax.

The Isle of Bugsnax kicks off in early 2022 and you must have a basic version of Bugsnax to play it.

Did you like Bugsnax and is this enough extension to get it working again? Let us know in the comments!

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