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Patch Notes for Fortnite v18.30 – Combat Shotgun VS. Boogie Bomb, Mountain Base & More

Fortnite’s third major update of Chapter 2 Season 8 is here with some major changes and additions to the game.

Boogie Bomb VS. Combat shotgun

The v18.20 update includes a brand new War Effort poll: The Boogie Bomb VS. the combat shotgun. Similar to the previous “Devaulting” War Effort round, in which the Shockwave Launcher was devolved, players must vote with their gold bars at the in-game voting stations to decide which item to devolve. The first item to be 100% funded wins the vote and becomes instantly available in the loot pool.

Image via Epic Games

Mountain base

The Mountain Base, which was previously the “REDACTED” bunker, has been revealed as the IO base. The new landmark continues the storyline of Season 8, in which the island has been slowly corrupted by the dice and recently by the dice queen.

“Do you know the door that was sealed on the mountain near Catty Corner? Well, it’s finally open and exposed an IO base!

Image via Epic Games

The convergence

The Convergence POI, which was introduced in the small update last week, has “built” a second stage. It is expected to be expanded further in the coming weeks.

Image via Epic Games

The dice queen

The Queen of the Dice and the rest of the Long Live Queen set can now be unlocked by completing the new quests.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite mares

The final week of Fortnitemares maps has been revealed. The Halloween event is expected to end on November 1st.

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