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Leak: BRUTE Mechs return to Fortnite

The BRUTE mechs originally introduced in Season X have been leaked to return to Fortnite this season.

In the latest major update to Fortnite, a new version of the original BRUTE mech was added to the files.

Picture over @gameshed_

The new version of the BRUTE is identical to the original except for a new paint job and a few small gameplay changes;

  • Sprinting now has a 7 second cooldown instead of 5
  • Stomp damage reduced
  • Shield from 150 to 100. reduced
  • Shield respawn delay increased
  • Jump damage nerfed

Source: HYPEX

Picture over @gameshed_

The new BRUTE mechs will be available in-game through the War Effort voting system introduced at the beginning of Season 8. It is estimated that the voting will go live in about 3-4 weeks and that 1 billion gold bars will need to be donated to create the new BRUTE. to introduce

We’ll keep you updated as soon as the BRUTE vote goes live in-game.

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