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Dune fans love Duncan Idaho, the character with the dumbest name

A name says a lot about someone. Would a rose with another name smell just as sweet? The current adaptation by Denis Villeneuves dune Playing in theaters and on HBO Max makes a lot of bold creative decisions, but one tiny detail takes up a lot of space in discussions of the movie on the internet. What exactly is going on with Duncan Idaho? What’s this Surname? It sticks out like a sore thumb and has resulted in a lot of extremely good memes.

Duncan Idaho is not a newcomer to the film; he’s also a big part of the books and later plays a role in the sequels. You could say Duncan is an integral part of Idaho dune Lore. It would be stranger to change your name than just faithfully adapt it. But compared to the majesty of the rest of the film, people still pause when his name comes up in the dialogue. Duncan Whom?

However, the name works when you see Duncan in action in the movie. Although he is an experienced sword master and the right hand of a duke, he is also a warm, welcoming appearance. While many other people in Paul Atreides’ life are aloof or demanding, Duncan Idaho is a great guy. He hugs Paul, calls him “my boy” and is quite a big presence in his life. Perhaps the name will help determine this early on. After all, there is a familiar cadence.

There is a lot to discover during the year Dune, but Duncan serves as a kind of touchstone throughout the film. He’s a brother, and in a sea of ​​high-quality science fiction terminology, we could all use a friend like Mr. Idaho. He’s a sword master and badass, but a loyal friend. He is a source of consolation for Paul as the action picks up and political intrigue turns deadly.

It’s hard to say why Duncan Idaho is so funny. Is it the contrast to the other names and terms in the film? Does the word Idaho just have an inherently funny sound? Who can really say that? All I know is that I’m here about the Duncan Idaho memes as they continue to appear on the timeline.

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