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Blowball has always existed and comes back with short circuits

Fans who have failed to mix simulated betting and cosmic horror can rejoice; Blowball: Short Circuits will be ready to play ball on November 1st at 8 a.m. PT. Unless you witnessed the reality-ripping chaos of The Grand Unslam or braved the bubble ball gods in the Snackrifice, don’t worry. Blowball’s creator, The Game Band, characterizes Short Circuits as a kind of clean slate, making it ideal for newbies.

The bubble ball beta run ended in the summer, but The Game Band promised to bring it back along with its 24 well-known teams. While not the full relaunch, Short Circuits offers both new and returning players the opportunity to influence bubble ball’s next shape by providing feedback on new betting and voting mechanisms. The name of the upcoming series reflects its short character, as each short circuit is only two weeks long. Each bi-weekly event will have completely different rules and structures to help developers find the perfect balance for Blaseball 1.0. Hopefully this feature testing event means the full, redesigned bubble ball release is coming soon.

For anyone who might have whispered about a random burn game and a giant peanut eating octopus but aren’t sure what bubble ball is about, here’s the rundown. Bubble ball is essentially a baseball simulation that runs in a web browser. Several fictional teams compete against each other over the course of a week while you observe, with the outcome of the games resulting from a statistics-based algorithm. If that doesn’t sound like the inexplicable bubble ball you’ve heard of, it’s because this game is as wild as the fans can influence it.

By amassing fortunes – which was initially limited to wagering on game results using in-game currency – fans were able to make money to buy snacks, help their team in a variety of ways, and most importantly, buy votes. At the end of each real week, players could then cast those votes in elections that affected the reality of the game. For example, the fans voted for “Open the Forbidden Book” when they voted for the first season, which not only gave them an insight into the rules, but also unleashed solar eclipses that cremated many fan-favorite players. However, bubble ball isn’t the only The Game Band title to make headlines lately. The team’s puzzle game, Where Cards Fall, hits Switch and PC next week.

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