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Top 10 Best Nitrome Games for Android

Nitrome is one of the most prolific mobile developers and publishers – and they not only make a lot of games, they make a lot of great games. So we thought it would be a good idea to pick ten of these that you should definitely play.

We have dungeon crawlers, platformer, action games and a lot more. And they are all great. Seriously, you could download all ten and be happy for a while. At least happy.

If you have your own favorite Nitrome game please add it in the comments section at the bottom of the article. Before that, let’s get started – here are the best Nitrome games for Android.

A sharp-edged platformer that gets a brand new level every day. It’s great fun, it’ll keep you busy, and it’s next to impossible to play without a big smile on your face.

A super intelligent action game where you will scribble spells on the screen to pop balloons and kill attackers. It’s a prime example of the ingenious twists that Nitrome adds to familiar templates. Oh, and it’s great fun too.

A turn-based, enigmatic, horror-themed platformer. It has some super smart ideas that will get you thinking about the challenges it is throwing in your general direction. It has simple controls and a great creepy boast.

A brilliant reinterpretation of some classic arcade mechanics. Single screen action platforming, difficult in all respects and pretty to look at. When you die, you jump back in, it’s so addicting the game.

An amazing game about a stretchy dog ​​trying to avoid stings, flames and all sorts of other dangers. It’s super smart and makes you think in new ways. There is a tough challenge here and more than just a portion of joy.

Is it a gun Is it a brick It’s both and more. You will roll around and find the right landing paths so that you attack in the right direction. It’s not just a simple shooter, it’s a lot more than that.

A turn-based dungeon crawler that you play as a helmet. It has a lot of roguelike elements, it’s endless, and it’s super hard in every way. There is a lot to love here and you will have the best time playing it.

Another dungeon crawler, this time with a more action-packed view. They have simple controls and must overcome all possible obstacles if you are to be successful. There are plenty of sweaty palms waiting for you when you play this game.

An upward facing roguelite where you jump through the levels of a tower and shoot down everything you see. You will be upgraded at the end of each challenge. Kill bosses, get stronger, keep pushing your way through the tower.

A rolling puzzle platformer, smart and addicting, and possibly the best looking game Nitrome has come up with. It’s packed with fluid, immersive gameplay and smart mechanics.

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