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Fallout 4 Nuke Bomb Bookends add a post-apocalyptic style to your shelf

If you’re a fan of the Fallout franchise and big statement pieces, Dark Horse Direct has just the collectible for you. The company’s latest video game-inspired piece is two bookends based on Fallout 4’s Liberty Prime Nuke Bomb.

If the thought of propping your books in two halves of a post-apocalyptic weapon of mass destruction makes you smile, then check out the slideshow gallery below for an exclusive look at this unusual collectible:

Fallout 4: Liberty Prime Nuke Bomb Bookends Gallery

Officially known as the Mark 28, these deadly warheads are one of the main offensive weapons used by the towering Liberty Prime robot. These bookends measure approximately 7 “x 7” x 6.5 “and are made from polyresin. This piece has been molded
by BigShot Toyworks and painted by JW Productions. The set also includes a 3 “Liberty Prime enamel pin.

The Liberty Prime Nuke Bomb Bookend Set is limited to 1000 pieces and is sold exclusively through the Dark Horse Direct website. You can pre-order the set now for $ 179.99, with an estimated release window from July through September 2022.

Although Fallout 4 was originally released in 2015, it received a big boost from Bethesda in 2021. It was one of a number of Bethesda titles added to Game Pass in March, and the game also received an FPS boost upgrade.

A Fallout TV series is also in the works at Amazon, and we have some ideas as to which classic Fallout stories should be adapted.

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