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Trapper 3D Strategy Guide – Grab the balls with these hints, tips and cheats

Trapper 3D is a game about catching balls. They’re squirting out of a nozzle, and if you’ve built your structure correctly, you can catch them all and move on to the next challenge. However, things are of course a little more complex than it appears at first glance.

This is exactly why we wrote this guide. We played a fair bit of Trapper 3D and discovered the strategies you need to make sure every ball lands in exactly the right place.

Whether this is your first fall or you’ve dropped tons of balls already, it doesn’t matter – follow these suggestions and you will take your skills to the next level. Here are the best hints, tips and cheats for Trapper 3D.

Avoid the bombs

It is important to be careful not to hit any of the bombs with your eggs. If there is a bomb in the structure you built to catch the balls, then the structure is wrong and you need to rethink. Bombs, like in real life, are very bad and should be avoided at all costs.

Do not leave any gaps

If there are gaps in the structure you built, most of the bullets will escape and you will fail the level. There are a few situations where it doesn’t, but it is usually pretty obvious what those are. Make sure that all of the room is enclosed and you will trap all the balls and move on to the next challenge.

Look at the arrows

Look at the arrows on the objects that you need to move. They give you a pretty good idea of ​​how they can be manipulated. In the absence of arrows, there is usually a point in the center of the shape – these figures can only be rotated where they are. Take a moment to see what can be moved and how.

Check the pins

On some levels, pins float above the ground – that means you have to fill that particular spot with balls. When building your structures, make sure these places are properly surrounded or you will fail the level.

What can I buy with the coins?

You can spend the earned coins on new skins for different aspects of the furniture in the game. You can find these in the shop in the upper right corner of the screen every time you start a new level. They don’t change the way you play, so be sure to buy them if you want, but don’t watch the videos to increase your reach.

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