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The hype surrounding Grand Theft Auto: the trilogy is high, is it on your Switch plans?

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition Receiving official release details, along with a trailer and lots of screens, was certainly the standout and dominant news at the end of the week. Perhaps, contrary to expectations, the visual makeover is little more than just a simple upscale, with the footage looking more familiar but undoubtedly fresh. That’s not to say that it could be confused with footage from games that were developed from scratch in the 2020s, as characters in particular still have the edgy look familiar from previous generations.

The official information indicates important gameplay changes such as: B. on the controls, which are better tailored to what the players know GTA V. Still, we would suggest that these control updates must be good; They may have fond memories of the original ‘3D’ GTA trilogy, but they are of their time and don’t necessarily feel special smooth play now. Perhaps the trilogy will fix that, it sure is one of the big tests it will face.

Another question will be how it will stack up on Switch. We don’t consider it a particularly outrageous suggestion to say that we will be viewing it at 30 frames per second at best on Nintendo’s system, and if previous reports have been accurate and Unreal Engine has been used, caution should be exercised. While Unreal games can certainly run on Switch, the system’s library is also full of seedy ports where the various iterations of the engine just don’t play well with the hardware. We hope the sheer amount of resources Rockstar has at its disposal – and the knowledge that the release could be a best seller on Switch – will ensure that a carefully tweaked version arrives on the Hybrid.

GTA trilogy
Image: Rockstar

As for the publishing details, it’s split between eShop and retail. The digital / eShop version is not far anymore November 11thwhile those who want the physical output will have to wait for December 7th. It will cost 49.99 € / 59.99 €although that is three Play in the package, of course, while the file size is 25.4 GB; We’ll have to wait and see if Rockstar opts for a Switch cartridge large enough to hold the entire package or if it will force mandatory downloads. We will keep an eye out for updates.

For some, this trilogy release will revisit old classics, and no doubt it will mark the first play through of these iconic games for many. We’re curious to see where you fall into these categories, so be sure to take the polls and comments below – is this a November (eShop) or December (physical) pickup for you?


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