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Cricket League Review – Hit For Six or No Ball?

Cricket League is a pared-back multiplayer cricket game that incorporates some modern mobile ideas into its inner workings. It’s fast-paced, fun, and when it works and you find the right opponent, it’s pretty exciting.

Each player receives an over or six balls for bowling and batting. You need to get as many runs as possible or stop your opponent from scoring. If you lose a wicket, it will be the end of your innings. Games typically last a handful of minutes, and the player with the highest score at the end is the winner.

When you hit, pull back to aim and amplify your shot. There’s a slider at the bottom of the screen that you can use to position your batsman as well, and you can roughly see where the ball is going to hit. A diagram in the top left of the screen shows you where the field players are.

Bowling is a little different. You move a crosshair across the field of play to decide where to ricochet the ball, then stop a rod to choose how fast to throw the ball. Or, if you are using a spinner, how much spin you will be putting on the delivery.

Each ball has an interesting game of cat and mouse where both players move around to deceive the other. You also don’t want to just bowl as fast as you can, because a slower ball can ruin a batsman’s timing.

If you win a game, you will receive some coins as well as a pack of cards. These contain coins and new cards. These cards are either new players or duplicates that you can use to improve your existing team. There are also special balls that you can use.

The whole thing rushes by pretty quickly, but it’s exciting enough to keep you seated, especially when it comes to the final ball. Getting a wicket when you have a low score will also generate a lot of punches.

Cricket League manages to capture the thrill of the shorter forms of the game while adding enough tactics to keep you occupied. If you are a fan of cricket you will absolutely love it.

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