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Turn left! Hints, Tips and Cheats – The Best Strategy Guide

Turn Left is a game that involves making a turn through oncoming traffic. It’s a simple, timing-based puzzle game that, in addition to its simple mechanics, has a few twists to keep you busy. It can be a challenge when you’re unsure of what to do, especially when you’re delving deeper into the experience.

That’s why we wrote this guide for you. It’s packed with all of the strategies we learned during our time playing Turn Left, and now we’re sharing them with you. Because sharing is super cool. Follow these strategies and you will avoid some crashes.

Whether you’ve turned left a thousand times or are just carefully approaching your first turn, there’s something here to help. So let’s do that – here are the best hints, tips, and cheats for Turn Left.

Be patient

The key to success is waiting for your moment here. Keep an eye on everything and choose the right time to send one of your cars through the gap. Don’t try to thread the needle or play lucky luck games – wait for the right time and you will do a lot better.

Use all the space

If there are multiple lanes, consider how best to take advantage of them. If there’s only a single car moving in the opposite lane, switch to the empty lane for an easy finish. Use all the space that the game has and you will be able to finish the levels much faster.

Do not meet pedestrians

This one is a bit of a breeze, but sometimes it’s easy to forget that it’s not just about avoiding other cars. Watch out for pedestrians crossing at the intersection and take them into account in your movement calculations. If you meet one of them you won’t pass the level so be careful and considerate.

Push your luck a little

This may run counter to the first tip, but you can try your luck a little from time to time to get a better score. It will also help you build your fever meter. Use the calculated risk to get near misses and score more points – if you pass close to cars and pedestrians, you can do just that.

Only revive in Part 2

You can watch a video for one more chance if you fail a level. You only get one of these per level so be sure to use it as you get deeper into the challenge. If you fail in the first section, all you have to do is go back a little – fail in the later sections and you will have to go all the way back to the beginning. Be smart with your reps and don’t waste time watching videos that won’t help you that much.

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