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Who are the Bene Gesserit from Dune?

dune is full of mysterious characters and organizations, but few are as important and mysterious as the Bene Gesserit Order, to which Paul’s mother Jessica belongs. While the film reveals some of her secrets, it doesn’t quite take a backseat to the all-female sect. Fortunately, Frank Herbert’s is original dune Roman has a lot of information about this, in case you want to know more about Lady Jessica and her organization of psychic space nuns who fuck.

[Ed. note: This story contains spoilers for the Dune novel and the Dune Part 1 movie, it may also contain spoilers for sections of the unannounced second movie.]

Who are the Bene Gesserit?

The Bene Gesserit are a secret organization of women who quietly control and shape political events throughout the universe. They are specially trained to have unique (essentially psychological) powers that enable them to use their voice to command others, fight incredibly well, and manipulate parts of their own physiology.

The Bene Gesserit have a complex hierarchy, but the most important roles are the Sisters and the Venerable Mothers. The sisters of the Bene Gesserit are trained and perform certain tasks within the order, including the procreation of children with certain fathers. Reverend Mothers, the leaders and elders of the organization, receive the same training but also drink a special super-strong version of the spice blend that gives them extra powers.

What is the Bene Gesserit Plan?

The group’s main goal is to save humanity from itself by pushing them into a new age of greatness. To accomplish this, the Bene Gesserit have a variety of long-term plans and plans, some with the express intention of helping, others simply aimed at gaining more power and influence.

Why do the Bene Gesserit want Paul?

The most important Bene Gesserit program, at least for dune‘s conspiracy is the Missionaria Protectiva, an old Gesserit conspiracy to spread the seeds of religion and mythology in as many “primitive” civilizations as possible. Specifically, to spread the cultural building blocks that lead to societies with matriarchal leaders, like the Gesserit themselves, and the belief that one day a mythical, messianic savior will appear.

The Gesserit themselves try to create their own messianic figurehead, the Kwisatz Haderach. This Messiah shares many of the Gesserit powers, including the ability to see the future and the past. But while the Gesserit can only see into the memories of their female line, the Kwisatz Haderach will also see the male line.

In order to create the ideal Kwisatz Haderach, the Bene Gesserit began a program of selective breeding that was over 10,000 years before the history of. started dune. This plan was to come true when the daughter of Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson) gave birth to a son with a member of the House of Harkonnen, the archenemies of the Atreides. Out of love for Duke Leto, however, Jessica used her Bene Gesserit powers to father a boy instead. That boy is Paul Atreides dune‘s protagonist and possibly the Kwisatz Haderach.

Why does Paul have to put his hand in the box?

At the beginning of Dune part 1 Paul is greeted by the revered mother Gaius Helen Mohiam, who is sent by the Bene Gesserit to test whether he was “human” or not – if he failed the test, the Bene Gesserit’s plan for the Kwisatz Haderach could be still go on.

Will any of this show up in Dune Part 2?

Yes, quite a lot! For one, Paul will likely gain the ability to see through all of the time at some point in the movie. This newly discovered ability will confirm his status as the Kwisatz Haderach des Gesserit. We will probably experience even more directly how Lady Jessica becomes a revered mother when the Revered Mother of the Fremen gives her the water of life and gives Jessica as a present and the daughter in her lap the knowledge and memories of all women in their family line. Did we mention that dune will be very strange?

The only thing stopping us from seeing all of these things is whether or not Dune part 2 is actually done.

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