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Children of Light ‘Season of Flight and Days of Mischief Event are both now live – TouchArcade

Heaven: children of light (Free) from thatgamecompany went from iOS to Android and more recently to Nintendo Switch, with all platforms playing together. It has been updated regularly with different seasons bringing in new features and content for the players. If you haven’t played it in a while, Heaven: children of light had his first collaboration with The little Prince. Almost here with Halloween Heaven: children of light the Days of Mischief event started with the current season of the flight. The Days of Mischief event is a three-week event with a new section, broom rides, costumes and more. Watch them Heaven: children of light Days of Mischief Event Trailer Below:

The current seasonal adventure, Season of Flight, takes players to a cloudy expansion of the realm of the Hidden Forest. You can experience this seasonal adventure and the Days of Mischief event for free in Heaven: children of light. You can unlock and learn four new flying ghost emotes, meet new characters, unlock items for your closet, and much more as you experience the greatness of Heaven: children of light Here. The Days of Mischief event runs through November 7th, while the Heaven: children of light The flying season runs until December 19th. Check out the trailer below:

When you play Heaven: children of light on mobile and want to keep playing on Nintendo Switch, read this. Heaven: children of light is now available for free on iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch. For Android on Google Play here and for iOS here in the App Store. You can find more discussions about the game in our forum thread. We also featured it as our game of the week when it was released. Did you play? Heaven: children of light regularly what was your favorite memory from the first two years?


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