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Amazon bans new world players for taking advantage of a gold duplication bug

Amazon has announced that it is taking action to ban players who recently exploited a bug in New World’s 1.0.3 update that brought server transfers into the game.

As reported by PCGamer, the “gold dupe” bug allowed players to duplicate gold and items. If players send gold to another player and then log out and back in, the gold they previously traded is still in their inventory. Of course, word of this mishap quickly got around.

Amazon issued a statement addressing the bug, saying that “Players who intentionally use this condition to gain an advantage will be banned for exploitation. We will also remove items or gold received, if appropriate.”

To further mitigate this bug, players who have taken advantage of it may be temporarily unable to log in with their character. This should resolve on its own within two hours, but if it takes longer, Amazon says players should contact customer service.

This is a little different from the way EA handled its recent mistake with the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Competitive Mode. Like Amazon, EA has put in place temporary bans but has done nothing to take the rewards from those who have already taken advantage of the glitch.

New World players exploiting an opportunity to make more gold may have something to do with the currency crisis that is plaguing the MMO right now. In contrast to other MMORPGs, New World is experiencing a currency deflation in which gold is hoarded because it is more valuable than making objects. This has resulted in New World players adopting an exchange system instead of spending their precious coins.

As the vibrant New World MMO world continues to develop in fascinating ways, check out our correspondence from our virtual New World War Reporter or our ongoing New World review.

George Yang is a freelance writer for IGN. Follow him on Twitter at @yinyangfooey.

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