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Start signal flares Fortnite All Locations

Here are all the places for players to launch signal flares in Fortnite.

We have two new series of quests that require players to deal more than x damage with a given weapon or swim a certain distance. With this week’s update released, we have the Monster Hunter and Afterlife challenges.

These challenges offer cosmetic rewards and XP after completing Season 8. One of the challenges for the Monster Hunter challenges requires players to fire flares at different locations on the map. Here are all the places where you can quickly complete this challenge.

Fortnite Launch Signal Flares locations

To complete this challenge, you will need to fire a total of three flares. You don’t have to do this in different locations, so you could technically complete this challenge by starting a signal flare in one location, exiting the game, and then returning to the same location to start a flare again.

However, this will likely take longer and you can easily get to different locations to start these torches by driving to each available location.

One of the places you can complete this challenge is on the larger mountain behind Catty Corner. Here is the exact place you need to visit to find and start the signal flare:

Signal Flares Fortnite locations
Signal Flares Fortnite locations

Just get close to the signal flare and you can interact with it to launch it. The next location is northwest of Lazy Lake. It will be in the middle of a campsite that consists of two tents and a fire pit. Here you have to go:

The closest place is between Believer Beach and Holly Hedges. It is located on the crash side of the spaceship on the west side. Here is the map location:

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