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Sherlock Holmes Chapter 1 Gameplay Overview, Investigative Skills

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One leads the detective of the same name back to his roots as developer Frogwares explores the events of a young version of the character that made Sherlock the man most people know. In this open-world investigative adventure, Sherlock is on a Mediterranean island in search of answers about his mother’s death and will solve a number of other cases and mysteries along the way. A new Sherlock Holmes Chapter One The gameplay overview shows how he will investigate these cases.

While the young Sherlock is still a hot chap, Frogwares is sure to point out that he is less experienced than the skillful older detective most of us are used to, which means that he sometimes gets things wrong and ” makes a fool of himself ”. Sherlock is a stranger, and the islanders are proud and prejudiced. This means that everything from your looks, costume, and accent can have an impact on how, and even if, you can gather information on a particular secret. In addition to solving the puzzles, you need to figure out which disguises and roles will best help in your investigation.

Sherlock has a mind palace that allows players to piece together the clues they have gathered to come to a conclusion about the perpetrator of the crime. However, it is possible to misinterpret evidence, which could lead to the selection of the wrong suspect. There are also moral choices to be made that could occasionally conflict with truth and justice. Frogwares says that guilty people can be sympathized with and sometimes decided their fate.

Wrong allegations and moral choices will never result in game-over screens. “Failure is part of the experience.” If you make a decision, even if you indict an innocent man and release a guilty person, you can live with the consequences. You can check out the full gameplay breakdown of the investigation below:


Frogwares has also published other gameplay charts that show various aspects of Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. The full game should take anywhere from 15 to 40 hours, depending on how thorough you are.

There is not much to wait now. Sherlock Holmes Chapter One gives players a glimpse into Sherlock’s early life on November 16, 2021.

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