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Hellbound is Netflix’s Korean horror show directed by Train to Busan

Just a few months after the incredible success of Squid game, which Netflix announced as its most popular series of all time, the streaming service has a new Korean horror show called Hellbound. The new series will be released on November 19, when subscribers can watch all six episodes of the show.

Hellbound takes place in a world where everyone knows their own time of death. Worse, when the fateful moment comes, giant monsters seem to drag your soul to hell. In September, Netflix released a great trailer showing these monsters chasing someone, but most of the series will focus on a mysterious church that believes the creatures are divine. a variety of characters will examine the church and its cult-like leader. The story is based on director Yeon Sang-ho’s webtoon, which is currently only officially available in Korean.

Netflix's Hellbound poster

Image: Netflix

Sang-ho, the director of Train to Busan and its sequel, returns to the story to stage all six episodes of Hellbound. The series will be Yoo Ah-in (combustion), Park Jeong-min (Deliver us from evil), Kim Hyun-joo and Won Jin-ah (The age of shadows). Hellbound was also the first Korean drama ever played at the Toronto International Film Festival, where the series premiered earlier this year.

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