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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Dungeons requires a Deluxe Digital Edition or a separate purchase

Dungeons in Destiny 2 will have a different delivery method with the upcoming The Witch Queen expansion. And by different I mean that they add an extra cost to the player from the price of the expansion or seasonal content. Correctly. Dungeons are now offered as a premium purchase in addition to the standard edition of the expansion. However, if you choose the Deluxe Edition, the additional cooperative multiplayer content is included.

Bungie’s senior community manager Chris Shannon went to Reddit to confirm the details of the change in access to dungeon content:

Its explanation is short and fairly simple. Dungeons are open to anyone who purchases Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition, which is available for $ 79.99. This Deluxe Edition includes the basic expansion, access to the four planned seasons for the coming year and the two relevant dungeons. Purchasing the seasons separately from the base expansion does not grant access to dungeons, but a different payment method for playing these multiplayer missions will come on the way at some point. Players can upgrade to the Deluxe Edition at a later date if they wish.

Dungeon content is designed for three players and is somewhere between strikes and raids in terms of expected length and complexity. So far, Destiny 2 has had three separate dungeons, starting with The Shattered Throne in Forsaken and most recently Prophecy, which was launched before the current Beyond Light expansion. Each was available to all players or included in a Season Pass, so raising Dungeons above the other paid content will be a significant change unless you’re already purchasing the Deluxe Pack. Then you don’t have to worry about it at all.

How does the change to dungeons affect you? Are you going to buy the deluxe package or are you waiting to see how the new shopping structure develops? Tone in the comments, Guardians!

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