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Apex Legends is asking players to stop posing

Respawn has asked Apex Legends players to stop posing – at least until they can implement a fix next week to stop client crashes related to epic poses.

Apex Legends has been plagued by crashes lately as a result of a new bug caused by animated epic poses – those are animated poses that play on the game’s menu screens between games. Developer Respawn has issued a statement on this breakthrough issue, with one stern advice: stop posing.

“We just posted this message in-game to avoid crashes caused by animated poses,” they shared on Twitter. “Tell your friends! A full fix is ​​planned for next week.”

The full in-game message reads: “Error Message: There is currently an issue with animated poses that may cause crashes. We encourage you to take off these epic poses while our team works on a solution. Thank you, legends! “

A similar problem occurred last month, with Respawn offering the same advice back then. Epic poses are usually equipped in their customization options for each character, but Respawn suggests equipping non-animated poses for now. At least until the upcoming fix goes live.

“There’s no obvious reason – looking at the code – why epic (animated) banner poses should trigger this more often,” a RobotHavGunz respawn developer said on Reddit, responding to people pointing out the problem. “I have never seen this error in testing, nor have I seen QA, but I know the error occurs. And I can definitely believe this post – that epic banner poses are more likely to trigger this as the bug comes with a safety precaution to make sure we don’t try to pose on a character that it doesn’t apply to. Insanely, it’s not 100% … it doesn’t happen every time. And we had no reports about this during the tests either. “

There’s currently no indication of when the hotfix will go live, so it’s best to follow Respawn’s advice and stop posing for now. While a number of new epic poses have been added to the ongoing Monsters Within event, the timing is pretty unfortunate.

Ryan Leston is an entertainment writer and film critic for IGN. You can follow him Twitter.

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